Romantic Gift Ideas for Her

Update: Although Valentines Day has now passed for 2016, buying a gift for your special lady is always welcome whatever time of the year.

Every woman is different, if you have been with her long enough you should have a pretty good idea of what she likes. If you haven’t been with her long (or even at all yet!) look around for clues. What does she typically like wearing or eating? Is she a diehard lover of Coffee or Belgium chocolates? What type of perfumes does she wear? If you know her friends or siblings, ask them! They can be a great resource. Read through this article to get some ideas that hopefully inspire you. For some people, the task itself can be daunting, you might think “what if I get it wrong?!!” The truth is, every woman wants to feel cherished. The mere fact that you’re taking the time to find something special for her is what really counts and she will love you just for the thought. We’ve also posted locations for romantic things to do in London to give you even more ideas! With that in mind, here are some gift ideas to buy her.

Luxury Jewellery

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As the classic Bond film title says, Diamonds are forever. For many Ladies, Jewellery is their best friend. You can’t go wrong with a silver, gold or diamond necklace, a sparkling silver ring or a luxurious bracelet. Depending on what your lady likes many of these gifts can be pricey, although with ample time shopping around you can find some good deals on gifts that won’t totally kill your bank balance.

There are many high street stores to choose from, one of our favourites is Pandora Jewellery store because of their high value products at more reasonable prices compared to what is typical. They have a special collection including sterling silver heart charms and zirconia stone rings, as well as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. They have many branches across London including Oxford Street in West End and the Westfield Shopping Centres, you can also order online and get next day delivery. They currently have sales on some of their products (while stocks last) of up to 50% off, so if you get in now you could take advantage of an early deal. There’s also John Lewis and Selfridges who have a wide selection of dazzling gold Jewellery to choose from, although more expensive on average.

Unforgettable Flowers

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A classic present that will win any woman’s heart, a carefully selected bouquet of flowers as an additional gift will go a long way, even better if you know her favourite colour! Unless you’re short on time or desperate, a good florist is always better than your local Tesco or M&S. In our experience Appleyard London Florists are very reliable, they have an average 4.2/5 rating on and have a nice  selection. They are based in Muswell Hill but also deliver nationwide by the next day if ordered by 9pm. Brian Kirby Flowers in Wimbledon are also an excellent choice and have a wide selection. They deliver same day if ordered by 12:30pm.

Melt in your Mouth Chocolates

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Who doesn’t like a box of chocolates to indulge in? Your local supermarket will surely have a variety to choose from. Your staples like Ferrero Rocher or Milk Tray are welcome. Lindt chocolates are also a favourite, they have a range of heart shaped tins and chocolates to choose from under £10 each. Regency Hampers are also nice with a gorgeous selection of chocolate Hampers, including wine or pampering gifts such as bubble bath products and lotions. Also checkout Thorntons their chocolate gift ideas are exquisite.

Gifts to Pamper Her

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Let her pamper herself (or better yet, you can pamper her!) with a sensuous, soothing massage oil, sweet smelling body lotion or aromatic bubble bath. The Body Shop is one of the best places to shop in this category and have many branches across London. Their gifts also include perfumes and fruit scented shower gels. John Lewis is also a great place to buy luxury perfumes.

Gadgetry Gifts.

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Does she love reading novels? Why not get her an iPad Air 2 or an Amazon Kindle voyage ereader to consume her favourite stories. Has a particular taste for homemade coffee? Get her a Nespresso Artisan Coffee Machine. A gourmet chocolate fountain machine would be nice if she has a sweet tooth. You can find these gifts and many more at department stores like Debenhams, Peter Jones and John Lewis, or order online at Amazon.

Sexy Lingerie

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Buy her something sexy to spice up the special evening. A seductive nightgown, lace suspenders, a naughty red thong, maybe a balconette bra or a silky corset could really get the blood boiling. These would go perfectly with pampering gifts and a box of chocolate or wine, for both of you to enjoy a romantic and passionate night indoors. Visit specialist shops like Ann Summers or Victoria Secret, which you can find in many London locations including Brent Cross, Westfield and West End.