Top Five Parks in South London

See our lists of best public parks in North London and Central London if you’re looking for a spot in those areas. Below we look at our top favourite public parks to visit in South London.

Richmond Park


This absolutely stunning and scenic park in south west London is notable for it being home to around 650 deer which roam freely. It is the largest of London’s Royal Park, covering around 2,500 acres of land. Cyclists and joggers have plenty of space (and types of terrain) to move about while it’s woodland areas and very picturesque surroundings make it a perfect location for picnics, group meet-ups, sunbathing or enjoying your favourite novel. Reach the top of the hill to see an amazing view, or take advantage of the two available golf courses and power kiting options. A very notable South London park, you would do well to visit Richmond this summer!

Greenwich Park


While Richmond park claims the title of being the largest of the Royal Parks, Greenwich Park has the honour of being the oldest. Want to see an awe inspiring view of the River Thames and beyond? Few places do it as well as here. You can spot red deer or two in the park if you’re observant enough, though don’t feel too disappointed if you don’t as it’s a very small herd that lives here. Being within reasonable distance from the many other attractions in Greenwich including the O2 Arena, there’s much to love about this South East London park.

Clapham Common.

clapham south london park

Clapham Common is known for it’s large open space of almost entirely flat grounds, so if you’re not too far from the area and in the mood for a good run this is an ideal location. There are plenty of benches dotted around too for taking a break, as well as tennis courts a skate park and three ponds to enjoy the local duck patrols. The annual dance music festival South West Four is also hosted here.

Crystal Palace Park


Covering 200 acres of open space, Crystal Palace Park is contains an athletic stadium (part of the National Sports Centre), a maze, a concert bowl as well as being home to the famous Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, which are full scale modeled sculptures of these extinct animals. From the park it is possible to see northward of central London and also Queen Elizabeth II Bridge to the East.

Sydenham Wells Park


Located in south east London, Sydenham Wells Park derives it’s name after the medicinal springs which were found in the area in the seventeenth century, some of them are still active today. A beautiful park, it contains a huge playground for over fives with a water play area included, as well as a basketball and tennis court, flower gardens and several ponds. A perfect place for a relaxing time with the family.

So there you have it, what’s your favourite South London park on this list? Visit at least one of them if you can (or all of them, because why not?!) and enjoy some summer afternoons in perfect bliss.