Top Five Parks around Central London

London is abundant with beautiful parks making it a very attractive destination for locals and visitors alike, especially during the summer months when the sun actually decides to pay a visit! So whether sunbathing, wanting a romantic picnic or even a refreshing walk during the winter, here are our top five favourite parks around Central London.

The Regents Park

regents park 3

Want to admire dazzling rose gardens? The Regents park has all you need. Spanning 410 acres the park is home to the open air theatre, with plays such as ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘Peter Pan’ performed there. It also has the largest outdoor sports area in London, many sports are played there including Athletics, Rounders, Football, Tennis, Hockey, Rugby and others. As expected the park is also popular with joggers and cyclists.

Hyde Park


One of the largest in London Hyde Park covers 625 acres (when including the neighbouring Kensington Gardens). Centrally located It is a beautiful park, from the Grand Entrance to it’s meadows and surrounding gardens. The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain is also based here. The park is famous for it’s speakers corner (a designated area for open air public speaking and debate), mass demonstrations or protests and rock concerts including the Live 8, historic performances from legendary acts like the rolling stones. Taylor Swift and Kylie Minogue are among those scheduled to perform at the park in 2015.

St. James Park

st james park

Surrounded by three royal palaces, St James Park spans 57 acres and is based in the City of Westminster. Take a stroll to see the St James Park Lake with two Islands, or see the famous colony of pelicans which are fed at 2:30pm each day. Standing on The Blue Bridge across the lake you can see towards Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. Don’t forget to stop by the stylish Inn Park cafe for a light snack.

Victoria Park


Victoria Park, also known locally as Vicky Park or the People’s Park, spans across a part London’s East End with an open space of 86 hectares. Opening in 1845, there are many historic artifacts around the park, including a fragment of the old London Bridge and the Hackney Wick Great War Memorial. The park houses two cafes and two playgrounds as well as a skatepark and general sporting facilities including tennis courts. There are also many major festivals held here including the Lovebox.

Battersea Park


Popular with joggers particularly for it’s very flat landscape, Battersea Park covers 200 acres of green space. The Battersea children’s zoo and the playground areas make it a popular location for groups of families too. The Peace Pagoda, boating lake and outdoor sports facilities are even more reasons to visit this stunning park.

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Did you know that London is one of the greenest capitals in the world? The city has eight gorgeous Royal Parks, over 110 square kilometers of greenery and over six million trees!