Top Five London Street Markets

London has long since been home to many valuable markets, where you can find anything from food, antiques and modern art, to clothes, flowers and quirky fashion accessories. There are many great markets around London, some of them particularly famous. In this list we mark our top five favourites.

Old Spitalfields Market


In East London’s trendy Shoreditch, one of it’s crown jewels is Old Spitafields Market. A very popular market, you can find everything from clothes and peculiar products to a range of foods. In classic Shoreditch style, you’ll also find specialist shops selling vintage items, restaurants, and cafes nearby. It’s amazing how much useful and/or original items can be found here (which is half the fun for going!). Entertainment options are plentiful too, with cool bars and clubs within walking distance.

Brick Lane Market


Keeping within Shoreditch and it’s famous Brick Lane, which is known for it’s nightclubs, art and fashion student work exhibitions and curry houses, Brick Lane Market is another hotspot for finding all kinds of junk and jewels. If it’s vintage you’re after you could find anything from antique books to eight-track cartridge decks. You can find over thirty food stalls selling international cuisine, it’s Backyard Market is home to a creative community of young artists and designers who showcase their work, there are several cafes, boutiques and hair salons there too. Handmade jewellery, clothing, furniture, music and other collectibles can be found here too. The market operates from 9am to 5pm on Sundays.

Portobello Road Market


Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill attracts many tourists and has become famous since the 1950’s for it’s selling of antiques. It is the largest antique market in the UK, with a diverse number of old items available on sale. Saturdays are it’s main market trading day with numerous stalls also selling fresh food, designer clothes, trendy couture and music.

Borough Market


Fresh produce, sumptuous street food and bakery delights are the name of the game in Borough Market. One of the largest and oldest wholesale and retail food markets in London, you can find an exceptional variety of fruit and veg, meats, condiments, cheese, breads and pastries from all over the world. Looking for something a little different to add to your home dishes? You’ll find plenty of specialist ingredients and treats to indulge in at the Borough Market.

Camden Lock Market


Camden Town houses a huge market and Camden Lock, situated by the Regent’s Canal, is at the centre of it. A popular and well known part of the area, there are over 100 stalls and shops that sell crafts, books, designer and second-hand clothing, as well as foods, furnishings and alternative fashion accessories thanks to the nearby Stables market. Restaurants, bars and clubs are a plenty as well, adding to the vibrant Camden Town area.

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Brixton Market was the first electrified market in the country and stands, as a result, on Electric Avenue.