Much Ado About Coffee – The London Coffee Festival

With the UK’s largest and most celebrated annual coffee festival approaching from the 7th – 10th April, we take a short trip back down memory lane to last year’s spectacular event.

It was (thankfully) a mostly dry, warm and ┬ástable afternoon, strangely free from the unpredictable showers and grey skies of typical British weather in April. As London opened it’s arms to Spring and Londoners across the city tied their laces and prepared for the 26 mile London Marathon, another major event loomed, the 2015 London Coffee Festival. Fading rain drops adorned the fences of the Old Truman Brewery located in East London’s trendy Brick Lane, where the event has been hosted since 2011.

For coffee lovers not yet acquainted with the festival (shame on you!), it’s essentially a celebration of all things coffee and beyond. The first thing to notice upon entry is that London’s coffee community at large are conscious and rich in culture, you’ll never see anything like it! Upon arrival we were greeted with organic hemp bags to use for the festival, the crowd and atmosphere was buzzing with life and visitors were treated to live music performances, ranging from Irish country folk to nostalgic 60’s rock n roll and funk. The venue is divided into several sections and creatively used themes to stand out, there’s also a very impressive coffee themed art gallery.

The real stars of the event, of course are the coffees and the festival certainly delivered. With a range of guest companies demonstrating their products, from International chains like Star Bucks and Costa, to high profile Independent London coffee shops such as Taylor St Baristas and artisan wholesalers like Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.

One of my favourites was Union’s Equinox seasonal blend, which combines the quality flavours of Creme Brule and apple with red grape like acidity on the base notes of Demerara sugar. This is nicely topped off with aromatics of toffee. Totally recommend it to coffee lovers everywhere, absolutely ravishing! Naturally, we took plenty of pictures…






London-Coffee-Festival-2015 roasting machine





London Coffee Festival 2015