ilikelondon’s Top Favourite London Musicals

London is a city that offers a brilliant selection of some of the brightest and most popular musicals around. Here is ilikelondon‘s list of top favourite London musicals. Don’t delay, book at a London musical theatre now and enjoy truly inspiring performances and unforgettable world-class entertainment.

Phantom of the Opera


One of the world’s most recognisable and original musicals, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s epic classic The Phantom of the Opera is the longest running show in Broadway history. This musical tells the story of the phantom, a mysterious disfigured musical genius that’s obsessed with Soprano singer Christine, and terrorises the Paris Opera to make his protege the leading woman in the Opera.

Mamma Mia!


Over 54 million people have been attracted to this show which debuted in 1999. Showcasing the connection between a mother, daughter and three possible fathers complete with an unforgettable walk down the wedding isle, this story is filled with lovable characters and feel good music. Book now to see this show and prepare for a very uplifting experience.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical


A relatively recent musical based on Roald Dahl’s classic novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This musical which premiered in 2013 brings the mysterious confectioner Willy Wonka to life. Return to the delicious chocolate garden and revisit memorable characters such as the Oompa Loompas and a squadron of adorable squirrels.

Les Miserables


Both the novel and musical of Les Miserables are by now legendary. Come and see Cameron Mackintosh’s production of Boublil and Schonberg’s musical which for decades has been a global success and seen by over 60 million people in 21 languages. Enjoy the story of a French peasant and his search for redemption following a harsh jail sentence for protecting his sister’s daughter. A sensational musical that’s still breaking box office records.

Thriller – Live


Celebrating the music of The Jackson 5 and the undisputed king of pop, Michael Jackson, Thriller Live has been met with much applause after successful tours across the UK and Europe. Now showing in the West End, the two and a half hour long musical is guaranteed to get your blood pumping and singing the lyrics to your favourite songs.



Gregory Maguire’s acclaimed novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, forms the basis of this Musical. It tells the untold story of the witches of the Land of Oz and how one became good and the other wicked. Brilliantly shown from the perspectives of the witches, discover the full story about the land of Oz.

The Lion King


Lion King is highly regarded as one of Disney’s best productions, and it’s award winning musical adaptation takes the story to new heights. Featuring music from Elton John and complete with stunning special effects and costumes, relax and experience the inspiring coming of age story of Simba in the Serengeti plains of Africa.

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FUN FACT:104180-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Smart-Scientist-Boy

The only London theatre not to close during the war was the Windmill in Soho, which then offered a variety show mixing comedy acts with semi-nude female tableaux. It is now a table-dancing club.