Best Parks in West London

Continuing on in our list of best parks in London we head over to the West of the city in this post. Check out our other recent blogs for lists of the best parks in East London and North London.

Holland Park


If you’re in West London and want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without having to travel far, then Holland Park near Kensington High Street may be ideal. With wild ponds, woodland glades, and expansive grounds, this petit but elegant park is a great place to relax, have a picnic or take a stroll. Lookout for beautiful Peacocks roaming around the grounds as well! There’s also a playground area for kids and a cafe.

Wormwood Scrubs

wormwood scrubs

The largest open space in Hammersmith and Fulham Borough and measuring 200 acres, Wormwood Scrubs is a notable park in West London. It has a Local Nature Reserve, within which lives various wildlife including common lizards, 100 species of Birds and 20 species of Butterflies. Sports are well catered for too, as the Linford Christie Stadium is located here as well as many football pitches and a Pony centre.

South Park, and Hurlingham Park, Fulham

hurlingham park

A 7.9 hectare park in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, South Park is a great area to relax or enjoy recreational activities. It’s gardens are well maintained and there is a very large children’s play area fenced off from the main park, making it a brilliant location for familes. Looking for a game to enjoy with friends or just want to keep fit? There are a range of options here including a cricket pitch, a number of football pitches as well as tennis, basketball and Netball courts. Runners and Walkers alike can also enjoy the 1km perimeter walk. A nursery for ages 2-5 is also based here.

Hurlingham Park which is nearby is also used for multiple sports, mainly Rugby, Football as well as athletics events.

Ravenscourt Park


Keeping to the same area in this entry, Ravenscourt Park is one of the flagships of the Borough. It contains many standard facilities including a play area, tennis and basketball courts as well as a bowling green, a walled garden and a paddling pool for children.

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